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Meet Our Team

BOB JOSEPH--Principal & Co-Founder

After many years of experience as a litigation attorney in a major law firm, Bob has devoted his energies to the management and growth of Law Resources.   His continuing goal has been to ensure that Law Resources maintains the highest possible standards in recruiting candidates for Law Resources’ clients.


Direct: (202)999-4800

LISA PARZOW--Principal & Co-Founder

Lisa’s many years of experience as a law firm manager uniquely equip her to carry out Law Resources’ primary mission:  the recruiting and screening of highly qualified candidates for placement with the company’s clients.


Direct:  (202)999-4802

RICKI FRUMKIN--Executive Director, Washington

Ricki is widely acknowledged to be one of the most respected and trusted customer service executives in the legal staffing field.   With more than 20 years’ experience in the legal staffing space, Ricki has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the company's law firm clients.


Direct: (202)999-4803

HEIDI GOTTBERG--Executive Director, Chicago

Heidi joined Law Resources  as Director of  the company's Chicago operations in 2005.  Including her prior experience, Heidi has worked for more than 20 years as a legal placement executive in the Chicago market.  For more than eight years, she was employed as a litigation paralegal with two major Chicago law firms, experience which provides her with unique knowledge of law firm staffing needs and standards. 


Direct:  (312)212-4481

PATTI MOYA--Vice President, National Sales

Patti has been one of the leading business development executives in the legal staffing market for more than 20 years.   An expert in customer service, her daily direct interaction with attorneys, managers and law firm staff at all levels has provided her with unmatched knowledge of the field.  

Focusing on law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes, her emphasis is on client development, client servicing and team management.  She guides her clients through a variety of staffing solutions, including experienced lawyers doing  sophisticated work, permanent searches and large scale document reviews of 100+ attorneys for Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 100 firms. 


Direct:  (312)212-4482

Kristy Bowman--Staffing & Operations Manager, Chicago

Kristy is responsible for administration of our Chicago recruiting and staffing operations.  Her duties include selection and intake of new candidates, daily interaction with workers on projects and management of the Chicago billing and payroll process.


Direct:  (312)212-4480

Katherine-McClain Tuite--Payroll and Billing Manager

Katherine-McClain conducts all payroll and billing functions the company and interacts with clients, workers and vendors on a daily basis to ensure smooth functioning of these processes.


Direct:  (202)999-4801